Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Long Six Months

Today the house officially goes off the market.  We listed in January with hopes of moving to a few acres or more. We even hoped to build until we ran into one wall after another with the way they finance new construction loans. Often the home is devalued 10-30% before it is even complete and ready to convert to a permanent mortgage, not a good fiscal move.
Through the whole six months we only had three lookers. The first couple actually were probably ready to make an offer but when they got to our driveway for their second showing they changed their minds. I guess they decided to join the great exodus out of Illinois.  Although I was upset I completely understand because that is our plan too.  This state, like a few others, has decided to rape its people in taxes and there is no sign of a reversal. Illinois is on the verge of bankruptcy and its politicians are corrupt for the most part. For now I guess we are stuck.
My husband and I will still keep our dream of a home on a few acres or more and if this country doesn't follow the fate of Argentina back in 2001 maybe we will even be able to build in a few years. I have always wanted to have some chickens and even a few goats. My children need to know the importance of living more in sync with nature and how to care for the land instead of always taking from it. A little cottage farm may still be possible.
While we are here I will continue to garden and to learn all I can about self-reliant living. I just hope the world does not go to hell in a hand bag between now and then.

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