Monday, July 18, 2011

Simple Iced Coffee

I have a weakness for coffee, especially Starbucks. That green mermaid calls to me when I am out and about. She lures me in with her song just like the legend of sailors who would follow the song only to find their ship's lured onto the rocks and they to their death. Although there are no rocks to find your demise on there is another kind of death, financial. At around $5.00 a drink (grande peppermint mocha anyone) I am not doing myself or my family any favors. My hips have also paid a price for her sweet libations. Well thanks to my younger sister I have found a pretty decent alternative.
  • Brew 12 cups of your favorite coffee. I like mine strong.
  • 3.5oz of Sweetened condensed milk.
 After your coffee is done brewing allow it to cool a bit. When it is still on the warmer side add the sweetened condensed milk and stir well.  Allow it to cool to almost room temperature and put in the fridge. After it is chilled enjoy!
I buy the 14oz can of Carnation sweetened condensed milk and divide it into little containers and freeze the extra.  You may like your drink sweeter than I do so just play with the recipe. I have not tried any flavorings yet but I think mocha is in the near future.

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