Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Time to imagine

A different sort of tea party

I took this picture of my two girls playing on the front porch about  three years ago.  It is one of my favorites. You see, we have not had cable for at least six years now. When we had it they were being robbed of their own imagination.  When they played it was just a reenactment of what they were seeing on the tube. It took a short adjustment for them but it was well worth it in so many ways.
We have never had to get them the latest Disney kid item of the month, or is that week now? Their attitudes come from home and not TV land. When they play it is almost always something they uniquely came up with on their own. All of these things are priceless to me and my husband.
As they grow up now I am proud to see them staying true to themselves and not following the media mindset. My prayer for them as they enter their teen years is for them never to become followers but become leaders that will stay true to their hearts.

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