Monday, August 29, 2011

Farmageddon the Movie

I am a big believer that as American people we are losing more and more of our freedoms. One of those freedoms is the opportunity to obtain fresh and healthy foods from small family farms. These small farmers are under constant attack by big Agriculture and our Government. There is a movie coming out called Farmageddon and I feel that everyone should take the time to check out the web site and watch the movie. The link is Times are a changing folks!

P.S. Remember what happened to millions of Soviet peasants who opposed Joseph Stalins collective agriculture program!
In 1929 he ended private farming and transferred all control over the land, animals and equipment over to the government. As punishment for the peasants resistance Stalin sent about a million families into exile. Due to the destruction of the animals and grains, millions died from starvation.  

Monday, August 15, 2011

Dyeing fabric with Dylon

 I discovered Dylon fabric dye about six months ago. My favorite pair of jeans were pretty faded, and I wanted to get a little more life out of them. Having never dyed anything before, I wanted to be able to do it in the machine; my problem was that my machine is a front loader. I couldn't find anything in the stores for that.

Doing a search, I came across Dylon fabric dye. Dylon is sold on various internet sites for the front load washing machines. It worked like a charm. Since then, I have ventured into doing it by hand. I am able to get these little packs at my local JoAnn Fabrics store.

In order to dye about 1/2lb of fabric, you will need one 1.75oz packet of dye. Next, you will need warm water, a measuring cup, 4Tbs salt, rubber gloves, a large bowl or stainless steel sink large enough for the fabric to move freely, and something to stir the fabric with.

1. First, dissolve the dye in 4 cups of warm water. Keep stirring until completely dissolved.

2. Add 4 tablespoons of table salt and enough warm water to submerge fabric and for it to be able to move freely while stirring.

stir fabric well

3. Add your fabric and stir continuously for 15 minutes. Continue to let it soak for 45 minutes while stirring every 5-10 minutes.

rinse with cold water

4. Rinse under cold water until water is nearly clear. Wash fabric in warm water and allow to dry away from direct heat or sunlight.

ocean blue
5. Enjoy your newly revived clothing. This color reminds me of the ocean waters in Maui. Now, if I could only replicate the smell of all those flowers!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Cicada

I found this cicada today outside my back door.  He must have just come out of his shell today. I thought his colors were beautiful. When you looked close at him he seemed to have a gold shimmer. I tried but just could not get that captured in the photo.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Beauty Secret

Ever since I was a kid I loved makeup. When I would go to my Grandma Jonas' house she would let me play with it. I would always have to put on that blue eyeshadow, lots of it, and red lipstick. I would pretend to be one of those playboy bunny girls with a pink outfit and high heels. I would play that I was married to Shawn Cassidy and we lived on a farm and feed chickens all day or that I was being rescued be Luke Skywalker. Can you imagine what kind of movie Star Wars would of been if Princess Leia would of been running around in  a pink playboy bunny outfit?
Well lets fast forward to today. I still love my makeup but just in muted tones. I never did get to don the blue eyeshadow fad. The problem is that as I grow older it seems to do weird things by the end of the day. I end up looking  like the person depicted in Edvard Munch's painting The Scream instead of one of those girls on the front of a harliquin book. Not that I look like one of those girls anyway, but I can still imagine can't I?
The Scream
Do to this issue I started looking into makeup primers. I never could bring myself to purchase one though. They are very expensive in my opinion and I would always equate how many gallons of milk or gas I could buy for the price of one of those small bottles. Well last week I learned a little secret that the beauty industry does not want you to know about. There is this product by the makers of Monistat. It is called Soothing Care Chafing Relief Powder Gel. It has all the same ingredients as one of those expensive primers but it only cost me $5.99 for 1.5 oz. at Target. I may have been able to get it cheaper elsewhere but Vincent does not shop well at all so when I found it I bought it. It does work well so if you are in the market for a primer and can't get over the sticker shock give it a try. Then come back and let me know what you think.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Along came Pipsqueak

My Sid
 Back in January I lost my cat Sid. He would have been 19 in April.  When I got him he was six weeks old and fit in the palm of my hand. He grew to a whopping 25 pounds in his prime, all muscle by the way, and approximately 26 inches in length not including his tail.

He was a formidable cat no doubt. He was with me during my single days when it seemed that the weight of the world was always coming down on me. I worked two and three jobs so I could have a roof over my head and put myself through school. He was always there waiting for me at the door when I came home.
  Later when I got married he was there with me even though my husband was not to fond of him. Tony later grew to like him even though they were always competing for my attention. There was that birthday party incident though that almost ended in Sid's demise, he had to go stay at my brothers for a few months. Each time I came home from the hospital with each of my three children he was waiting for me at the door.
He was always waiting for me at the door, for me to wake up, for me to get out of the shower, etc. In a way he was my first child. I was there with him when he went. Even though it broke my heart I wouldn't of had it any other way.
Since then Gianna and Tia have been begging us to get a kitten. I was able to put it off for a while by telling them we had to wait to move. That didn't happen so the begging began again. You see back in June when we had all that rain my sister-in-laws neighbor found a bunch of kittens who were drowning in a puddle. Their eyes weren't even open and they had their umbilical cords still. There was one who almost died on more than one occasion. They called her monkey.
When the girls went over there they would take care of Monkey and bottle feed her when no one else could get her to eat. They were good with her and were determined to see her live.  They did a great job.  Last week Monkey turned 8 weeks old and needed to find a permanent home. That is when the pleading really began. We broke, even though I don't think I am ready yet. She is so cute though.
They changed her name to Pipsqueak because she is so tiny. She was the runt of the litter. They are taking good care of her and holding up to their end. This is going to be their memories of loving an animal that they helped to save. They will be good ones. She is growing on me, and of course I will love her too.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

In the Garden

This year I only planted a few items. I was hoping to move and didn't want to waste my time or money. I put in some cabbage, basil and sugar snap peas. Somehow I also got a potato plant and tomatoes, they must have lingered over from last summer. I almost lost the basil plant to a soccer ball and the snap peas just can't take this years heat. Over all though everything seems to be coming along fine.A few years ago I put in some oregano and purple coneflower. Both of these have spread out quite a bit. Unfortunately for the oregano Vincent is able to tromp through it due to its location. It is a hardy plant though so it should do fine next year.
purple coneflower
oregano in bloom

I can't wait for some ripe tomatoes. It isn't summer without making bruschetta and now that I know how to make my own crusty bread it will be all the better. Also, as soon as I get a couple of cabbages that are big enough I will be making some Serbian cabbage rolls. I learned how to make this from my friend Lilly this past winter. Watch for the recipe.

green tomatoes