Thursday, September 15, 2011

On My Mind.....Garage sale find

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I took Vincent for a walk to the Post Office today and on the way home we came across a garage sale. I found this fabulous polyester fabric dating back to the late 70's.  There is almost two yards of it and I got it for $.50. At first I was thinking that I would turn it into a bed for the dogs seeing that doodlebug destroyed yet another one. The thing is is that when I went to pay the woman told me how painful it is to part with all the fabric she put out.Now I know there is no way I could turn this into a dog bed/chew toy. 
Come spring time we plan on giving Gianna and Tia our bedroom and giving Vincent Gianna's so we will be doing some redecorating. I had already planned on finding a yellow and gray bed-set for Tia so now I'm thinking how perfect this will be. I am going to turn it into a duvet cover for her existing comforter. I already have a bunch of dark gray fabric that matches perfect with this. I have never done a quilt of any kind so this will be another one of those teach myself projects.
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