Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The cat in the tree and a frog on the loose

   This year we were able to get the tree up Thanksgiving weekend. The kids enjoyed putting the ornaments on and of course eating a candy cane or two. Unfortunately the cat thinks it is her personal play land. In the past two weeks between Vincent and the cat I have had to throw away 10 ornaments and move all that is remaining to the top half of the tree. Thankfully I have not gone all out  on decorations yet. I do dream of a perfectly coordinated tree but hey, the homemade ornaments have so many memories attached to them.
To top off the tree problem, I found a North American Tree Frog the day before Thanksgiving and we decided to keep him in the empty aquarium until it warms up again. I never even knew we had tree frogs in this region.We set up his tank and got him crickets. Being a tree frog he loves to climb. Well I guess he decided to climb right on out of the tank the other day and no one  thought to tell me till this morning! I pray he will turn up and not in the mouth of the cat or dogs and certainly not under someones foot.