Friday, June 22, 2012

The Redwork Crib Quilt - this pattern is the Roly Poly Circus pattern by Ruby Short McKim

  I came across this redwork crib quilt a few days ago. It is handmade from red embroidery thread and the fabric is cut from feed-sack cloth. The theme appears to be that of zoo animals. Unfortunately there is no date on it, if I dare to guess I would say it was made sometime in the 1940's. Next week I will take it up to my local antique store to see if anyone there has some more specific information on it.  Other than a musty smell that I am working on getting out it is in great condition.

 I have since discovered from originally posting this that the quilt is the Roly Poly Circus pattern by Ruby Short McKim. I am in the process of moving half way across the country and have decided to post this on ebay instead of putting it in storage. The link is .

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