Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The "Use It Up" Crocheted Market Tote

About a year ago, I set out to crochet myself a vest from a pattern that I had found on Ravelry. It was cute in the pictures, but when I put it on, I felt like the hungry caterpillar.  I ended up undoing the whole thing and stashing the yarn until now.  I came across a cute market tote bag that used the Sugar n' Cream yarn, and I remembered my stash that was waiting quietly for its moment.
You can find the pattern over at Daisy Cottage Designs. While you are there, you can check out her other patterns; some are so cute! I did not add an embellishment to my bag yet. I am in the process of moving halfway across the country, so that will have to wait a bit longer. I saved just enough of the darker yarn to make my own flower.
As for the vest, once I get settled, I will attempt it again with a thinner yarn. The thicker ones just don't work well for me.